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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Welcome Winter!

One of Our House Wrens


This Wren looks a little bit elderly don't you think?
 One of our many House Finches who are at our feeders constantly.
Romeo is keeping watch of the squirrels

Winter welcome to everyone who visits The Wren's Thicket.  The icicles are covering our fountain where the winter birds drink.  There is a small trickle coming out-just enough to keep a small pool unfrozen for them.  

We have had a large extended family of wren's at the feeders all summer, fall and now they are trying to stay warm and get lots of suet and seeds at the feeders.  

The thicket is alive during the day with robin, finches, chickadees, titmouse, mockingbirds, cardinals, snowbirds, and a couple varieties of sparrows.  They keep my husband and I at the windows taking photos with our new multi lens camera.  The new camera has really made a difference in our bird watching enjoyment.





Cardinal- male

Cardinal female

Monday, February 6, 2017

Beautiful Winter Birds

The birds this winter keep me busy videoing and taking pictures out our master bathroom window and bedroom.  We have the space between our house and detached garage, which we call our Charleston garden.  We have bird feeders, suet feeders, a wall fountain - a virtual bird paradise with bushes and plants to perch and hide in.  
Of course, the squirrels know about these fine dining places as well - and Mike has to refill the feeders once a week, sometime twice a week.   
As long as the feeders are kept filled - we have lots of birds flitting around the yard.  
Here are a few pictures from this past weekend.  Hope you enjoy!


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Feeder with Birds

Chilly day in the thicket and these birds are thirsty and hungry!

Christmas is around the corner - Early morning Wren's Thicket

The sun has not come up yet - but the birds are alive and searching for seeds in our yard full of bird feeders and houses. Wrens, Tufted Titmice, Chickadees, Cardinals, Mockingbirds, Purple Finches, Sparrows and a few squirrels (ha) are regulars this time of the year. We love them all!!

Keeping the feeder filled is the real challenge!